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Insurance Requirement and Indemnity Drafting for Attorneys


One of the most overlooked sections of commercial contracts are the indemnity and insurance provisions. Often times the client relies on their insurance advisor to provide the language to their attorney which can result in a disconnect between legal and insurance concepts. In some cases, boiler plate language is utilized which results in push back from the counter-party due to the use of outdated terms or provisions which contain language that simply cannot be complied with.

With twenty-five plus years of experience in the insurance industry as both a brokerage account manager and in-house counsel for one of the Country’s largest brokers Kenneth J. Pagliughi bridges the gap between the legal and insurance worlds.

Mr. Pagliughi has consulted on and drafted indemnity and insurance provisions for almost every business sector and size from main-street businesses to some of the most renowned Fortune 500 companies and national sports leagues. He also reviews these contract provisions from the perspective of the counter party. Kenneth J. Pagliughi & Associates offers this specialized skill set to other attorneys on a competitive basis as either an ala carte pass-through to the client; or on a discounted basis for which an override can be charged to the client.

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